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Adopting the Unified Process: Can It Be Agile or Is Too Heavy?

Abstract:  The Unified Process is being adopted by many Fortune 500 companies at an astounding pace.  However, many of these companies are unsure of which deliverables should be considered core and which deliverables may not be necessary.  Some view the Rational Unified Process as prescriptive and therefore all deliverables should be leveraged.  Others view the Rational Unified Process as a heavy-weight process thatís burdensome, less than agile, and avoided at all costs.  Can RUP and Agile be used in the same sentence?  In this presentation I will discuss striking a balance on deliverables and which oneís should be considered core.

PDF Format: Adopting the Unified Process (Print & View Only)

Killing Your Project With Use Cases

Abstract:  Use cases were intended to be a straightforward way of describing project requirements, but many are finding that use cases are painful, difficult to develop, and difficult to understand. Drawing from the speakers' extensive real-world experience, this presentation will offer solutions to the 5 most common "use case killers": 

  1. CRUD-based use cases 
  2. Designing vs. describing the system 
  3. Actor misclassification 
  4. Using use cases for all requirements 
  5. Use case normalization 

With these solutions use case development will be less painful and more successful in your organization.

PDF Format: Killing Your Project With Use Cases (Print & View Only)

Saving Your Project With Use Cases

Abstract:  Organizations have tried to adopt use cases for requirements modeling and many have experienced frustration, confusion, and inconsistency. Although legitimized by its adoption into UML, use case theory is still not precise, concrete or complete. This presentation will address advanced used case development issues (e.g., goal-oriented use case modeling), and provide a thorough case study with templates/examples. We will also discuss how use case theory can lead you astray, how to employ use cases throughout your entire development lifecycle, and most importantly the prevention of "useless case" development.

PDF Format: Saving Your Project With Use Cases (Print & View Only)

Application Facades: Bringing Usability to Business Objects

Abstract:  Object technology was supposed to enable organizations to achieve a higher-level of reusability and robustness.  However, many object designers are unknowingly making their business objects less reusable by including application specific rules and processing inside their business objects.  Object designers are also solving the immediate problem without taking a "quick" look at a more robust and flexible alternative.  

So what is the solution?  Does one exist?  

This presentation will discuss the use of application facades to bring about a greater deal of reusability and robustness to your business objects.

PDF Format: Application Facades (Print & View Only)

Object-Oriented Methodology 101

Abstract:  Object technology is quickly becoming a differentiator for organizations as systems become more complicated, complex, and distributed.  Organizations are no longer investigating the use of object technology as a possibility, instead organizations have realized that they need to use object technology to remain competitive in their ever changing business.

This presentation will discuss the benefits of object technology and its quintessential linchpin - a pragmatic, repeatable methodology.

PDF Format: OO Methodology 101 (Print & View Only)

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