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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Analysis

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Service-Orientation holds the promise of delivering on the hope of every business: a software foundation that is immediately adaptable to changes in business model and business needs. Adopting a service-oriented architecture enables the technical infrastructure, but that is really the easier part. The greater challenge is identifying those business services to be supported with that infrastructure. This course is devoted to practical techniques for identifying and describing the right business services to be implemented within a service-oriented architecture.

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the concepts of Service-Orientation, and the goals of SO-Analysis

  • Follow a practical process for identifying business services

  • Gather requirements to construct candidate services

  • Effectively challenge candidates to produce “real” services

  • Characterize & document services effectively for use, and reuse

  • Understand how to integrate these services into the larger business framework


Two days.


Experience in software project management, business or systems analysis, or requirements gathering is desirable, but not mandatory.


Please call 1-610-831-1151 for public enrollment and private, on-site pricing.


This course is a 2-day curriculum that focuses on how an organization moving to Service Orientation can identify effective business Services. Exercises in each section of the course demonstrate techniques to identify candidate services, and then challenge them to identify “actual” services. The various types of services are discussed, and emphasis is placed on identifying the responsibility profile of each service ― a proven technique to eliminate duplication of functionality. Further exercises demonstrate how to define the interactions and operations of each service to assure it meets its prescribed business goals.



Overview of Service Orientation (SO)

  • What Is Service Orientation?

  • What You Will Gain With SO

  • What SO Will Cost You

  • Service, Operation, Request, Response

Overview of SO-Analysis

  • Where SO-Analysis Fits In A SO-Approach

  • How SO-Analysis Is Similar To What You Already Know

  • The Activities Of SO-Analysis

Gathering Business Drivers & Requirements

  • Identifying Business Values Of Case Study

  • Identifying Reengineering Opportunities & Future State

Identifying Candidate Services

  • How Do I Know A Service When I See It?

  • Business Services, Support Services, Technical Services

Challenging the Candidate Services

  • The 5 Most Important Decision Criteria

  • Identifying the Correct Services

Identifying Service Responsibilities

  • Defining Service Responsibilities

  • Why This Is Important

  • The Service-Responsibility-Collaborator (SRC) Approach

Identify Service Operations & Interactions

  • Modeling Service Interactions

  • Using Service Interaction Diagrams

  • Modeling Service Operations

  • Evaluating Operation Reuse

Integrating Existing Automation & Service Orchestration

  • Integrating Legacy Functionality as Services

  • Tying It All Together: Orchestration Scenarios




Business or system analysts, technical managers, and software developers who wish to learn the techniques of service-oriented analysis.


 For more information about this course or other courses please contact Nazzaro & Associates at 1.610.831.1151 or


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