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North Star Inn: Place Reservation



North Star Inn Reservations

Use Case Package

Reservation Management

Use Case Name:

Place Reservation

Use Case Number:


Use Case Author:

William F. Nazzaro

Version Number:









Credit Bureau



Use Cases Referenced:

Manage Customer Profile



Brief Description:

This use case documents the process a clerk must go through to establish a customer’s new reservation for a specific bedroom on a given set of dates.



Pre Condition(s):


Post Condition(s):

A customer’s bedroom reservation has been created for a specific arrival/departure date.



Use Case Diagram:



Basic Course:


This use case starts when the actor indicates they want to establish a new reservation for a customer.  The actor needs to determine if the customer already exists. The system will allow the actor to perform a customer search by “Customer ID” or “Customer Name”[1].

If the customer doesn’t exist [Exception: Customer Not Found], or the customer is new, the actor will have to create a new customer, refer to “Use Case – Manage Customer Profile".  If the customer is found or has been created then the system will start a customer’s reservation session.


The system will present the actor with a list of bedroom types: Caretaker’s Suite, Terrace Room, Atelier, and Morning Hill Room. 

The actor indicates the preferred bedroom type(s) and provides the customer’s arrival date and departure date to the system.  The system will determine if there are any bedrooms available for the indicated bedroom type(s) for the specific pair of dates [Exception: Bedroom Unavailable] or [Exception: Improper Length of Stay].  If only one bedroom is available the system will reserve the bedroom, but if more than one bedroom is available then the actor will need to indicate which bedroom to reserve.  The system will then create a reservation and update the bedroom’s status.

The actor has the ability to apply discounts to the reservation (if the customer asks).  The system will present the actor with a list of discount programs that are currently being offered/accepted by North Star Inn [Exception: No Discounts Being Offered].  The actor has the option to examine the applicable rules associated with a particular discount program.  If the actor selects a discount program the reservation is updated to reflect the potential discount and the bedroom price is updated to take into account the applied discount [Exception: Discount Does Not Apply].

Note:  A customer’s reservation consists of an arrival date, departure date, bedroom type, bedroom number, deposit amount, selected discount program (optional), and estimated bedroom price.


This use case terminates when the actor has completed placing a customer’s reservation.  This will end the actor’s reservation session for the customer. 

If the customer was an existing customer the system asks the actor to verify the customer’s information.  If the customer’s information in the system is incorrect or outdated the actor will update the customer information, refer to “Use Case – Manage Customer Profile".

The system will ask the actor to enter the reservation’s method of payment.  The system will send the customer’s credit card information and deposit amount to the Credit Bureau [Exception: Unable to Process Transaction].  The Credit Bureau will charge the deposit amount to customer’s credit card and provide a transaction confirmation number to the system [Exception: Credit Card Problem].  The system will generate a reservation confirmation number.

If the actor requests another reservation for the same customer, then a new reservation is created and use case process is started over.

[1] At this point in the application development process we are not concerned with the actual search details.  Over-identifying search criteria are common mistakes of use case developers.  Use case developers should focus on documenting the use case’s basic services.  Search criteria will be identified later in the application development process.



  1. Bedroom Unavailable: This occurs if there is no bedroom available for the customer’s bedroom type and arrival/departure date. The bedroom can be unavailable for a number of reasons (e.g., room reserved, unclean, or maintenance) the actor has the option to view the bedroom’s details to determine if a modification to the customer’s arrival date or departure date would make the bedroom available. The actor can also modify the bedroom type to see if a different bedroom is available. If the exception cannot be resolved the system will present the actor will other Inns in the area so the actor can try to aid the customer and the use case will end.

  1. Credit Card Problem: This occurs if the Credit Bureau determines there is a problem with the credit card (e.g., incorrect information, credit limit exceeded, inactive card, or fraudulent card). Depending upon the credit card problem the actor can try to process the credit card again, change the credit card information, or ask the customer to provide a different credit card. If the exception cannot be resolved the use case will end and any reserved bedroom(s) shall be forfeited.

  1. Customer Not Found: This occurs if the system is unable to locate the customer with the information provided. The actor can try entering the customer’s information again or proceed with establishing a new customer.

  1. Discount Does Not Apply: This occurs if a selected discount program does not apply to a particular customer. For example, senior citizen discount selected, but the person is not a senior citizen. The selected discount program will be disallowed and the actor has the option to select another discount program and the use case will continue.

  1. Improper Length of Stay: This occurs if the customer’s stay falls on a weekend or holiday and has not met the minimum stay requirements. The actor can adjust the arrival date or departure date to try and address the problem. If the exception cannot be resolved the use case will end.

  1. No Discounts Being Offered: This occurs if North Star Inn is not participating in any discount programs at time of reservation and the use case will continue.

  1. Unable to Process Transaction: This occurs if the Credit Bureau is "down" and is unable to process North Star Inn’s transaction. The actor will manually complete the transaction without receiving verification from the Credit Bureau and the use case will continue.


GUI’s Referenced:



Open Issue(s):

  1. Risk associated with the actor manually completing a credit card transaction when the Credit Bureau is unable to process the transaction.

Answer – North Star Inn recognizes the risk and is willing to accept any exposure to non-payment.



  1. A customer’s reservation can only be for one bedroom. If a customer needs more than one bedroom we are assuming there would need to be another reservation.

  2. If the actor needs to modify or cancel a customer’s reservation after the reservation confirmation number has been received then refer to "Use Case – Manage Reservation".

  3. A customer may have only one discount program applied to their reservation.


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