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Nazzaro & Associates focuses on helping our clients adopt and successfully deploy

  • Use Case Modeling

  • Requirements Managements

  • Agile Modeling and Project Management / SCRUM

  • Iterative Project Planning / Management

  • Object / Component Technology

  • Service-Oriented Architecture

  • Enterprise Unified Process (EUP)

  • Rational Unified Process (RUP)

  • OpenUP

Hiring a Business Analyst or Use Case Expert?

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Use Case Interview Questions

We specialize in Business Analysis and Use Case Development


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Nazzaro & Associates supports Agile Modeling




We achieve this through instructor-led education, project mentoring and coaching

  • Our instructor-led education is rooted in experiential education which is "learning by doing."  This means students are presented with a concept, shown an example, and then challenged with a realistic workshop.

  • Project mentoring and coaching is the process of working with the client's project teams at various levels (requirements, use case modeling, analysis, design, architecture, and project management) and helping them make and understand their decisions.

When companies are faced with new practices, processes and technologies this is typically a change to how they’ve executed in the past.  Change may cause apprehension and this may cause teams to not adopt these new practices and technologies.  We focus on working with the entire team so they understand how the change affects them and incrementally roll-out best practices so they are not overwhelmed.

We assist in making this paradigm shift as seamless and economical as possible for both the executive management and project teams.  We also assist with the creation of deliverables and artifacts and strive to make project teams self-sufficient they are capable of future execution without assistance.

Use Case Development

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Use Case Training

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We specialize in helping your IT staff adopt the Unified Process, overcome the paradigm shift, mitigate risks and put you on the road to success.

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